Olivia has a condition called Autistic Spectrum disorder (ASD). ASD is a life-long, complex developmental disability affecting communication and social skills. Some people with ASD also have an accompanying learning disability. However everyone with ASD shares a difficulty in making sense of the world around them and relating to other people. Some people with ASD use augmented or alternative (AAC) methods of communication such as signs and or picture boards. 

“Olivia’s speech and language skills have developed significantly, particularly over the past year. Her speech may still be unclear to people who are not familiar with her, so she still also uses Makaton signs and PECS pictures or a symbolic sound (for example a car noise to signify a car ) when people don’t understand her.  Olivia has become much less frustrated as her communication skills have improved and she is now more willing to attempt to communicate with those around her.  Olivia’s behaviour has also improved and her carers believe that this is linked to her improved verbal language skills”

                            Olivia’s speech and language therapist