Our partners

This exhibition was launched in partnership with Disability Action and the Northern Ireland Health and Social Care Board. One of the aims for My Journey My Voice is to provide a useful training resource for government and the public and private sectors. It will enable everyone who views the exhibition either online or in person, to have a greater insight into the nature and impact of communication disabilities and will provide them with the information they might need about communication difficulties. 

Our PhotographeR

Laurence Gibson grew up in Belfast and is fascinated by changing society culture and landscape. Laurence’s work focus’s on the interface between people and society, with a view to highlighting the lives of individuals in order to challenge social stereotypes.

This exhibition was inspired by one of Laurence's existing projects, the Belonging Project which was made up of still photographic portraits and audio interviews.

RCSLT NI felt that this multimedia exhibition fits perfectly with our Giving Voice campaign. It aims to raise awareness of communication difficulties along with how these impact upon people’s lives, care and treatment. We were delighted to work with Laurence on this project and thank him for his support in both photographing our participants and recording/mastering the audio interviews with such sensitivity.