George has Cerebral Palsy (CP) which is a neurological condition that is present from childhood and is life-long affecting his posture, muscles, coordination and movement.  George’s cerebral palsy affects his speech because of the difficulty in controlling the tongue, breathing and vocal cords. CP can range from mild to profound and people with CP may experience a range of problems including difficulty with eating and drinking.

“Having a profound communication impairment affects all aspects of daily life for George. It can lead to frustration and isolation, as people often don’t understand nor take time to try and decipher the message being attempted, which can be very frustrating and upsetting. Since introduction of alternative forms of communication, specifically symbols and a Big Mack switch which he can use to say yes. George has been able to successfully participate in a wider range of communicative opportunities. He enjoys day centre activities, is able make known his choices and decisions, develop new friendships and extend his social circles. This has had positive impacts on his emotional well-being and his confidence in communicating with others”.

George’s Speech and language therapist