Christine has a stammer which is a complex disorder that affects the flow of talking, so a person may repeat words, prolong parts of words or sounds and/or “freeze” on some words. Stammering can often occur initially in childhood and although many children grow out of their stammer with or without help, some continue to stammer into adulthood. 

“My stammer has proven to have had a knock on effect on my ability to communicate on various different levels.  Making friends at school, was one of the first barriers that I encountered, which had proven to be a difficult one, resulting in being a victim of bullying throughout my 12 years at school.  However, a handful of people throughout those years past my struggle and stammer.  Now my best friends, have stood by me, stood up for me and stayed with me through each battle and every victory.  Nevertheless, I have now came to realise that through the journey of 'growing up', there is nothing as cruel as school children, and it is something that was highlighted from having a stammer.  


Nevertheless, as the years have gone on, I have come to realise that 'my journey' and 'my voice' has been unique.  This unique journey has given me many key qualities in life, one of which is confidence.  Although every day is a different one, and each day brings different challenges, I feel that those difficulties have enabled me to overcome communication barriers, and strengthened me as a person.  These challenges have allowed me to embark on a journey that is both difficult and rewarding.  For instance, since starting (speech and language therapy) SLT in February 2013 and participating in Speech and Language Therapy, I have 'found' my voice.


Furthermore, I am not the only person that can see the changes in how I approach challenges and how I let these barriers impact my life.  Family and friends, have both commented on the stronger and more confident person that 'my journey' has made me.  By no means is my stammer gone, but it is nothing that cannot be challenged through a slow, relaxed, and gentle approach to words.  


'The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step'. 


'Life is a river, I'll go with the flow and where it will take me, The Lord only knows'. 


My stammer does not define who I am, in fact it has made me the person I am today”.