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RCSLT Brief Department of Health Officials

On Wednesday 15th March 2017 RCSLT NI representatives gave a presentation to Department of Health officials in the Stormont Estate, as part of the Department's lunchtime seminar series. The seminars present a valuable opportunity for key departmental officials working in policy development and legislation to learn about different aspects of health related need and service delivery from an external perspective. The theme of the RCSLT presentation was raising awareness of Communication Disability - what is it and how support can make a difference. Health officials were invited to try out the MJMV audio boxes, view the RCSLT exhibition and listen to one of the MJMV participants, Christine Birney, describe her journey in managing a severe stammer with the support of a therapist.  Overall the seminar was well attended with positive feedback and an opportunity for RCSLT NI to create new networks.